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Stem Cell Therapy: Another option for Foot Injuries

What Is Stem Cell (Regenerative) Therapy?

Stem Cells act to orchestrate the process of healing and cell signaling, much like the conductor of an orchestra. These are your own stem cells working to help you.

Our goal is to provide you with the latest in affordable, minimally invasive therapies to help acute and chronic orthopedic foot and ankle conditions. We are experienced in the field of regenerative medicine and have years of experience in advanced pain management techniques. We will present you with an honest opinion on your options. Everyone is different. If regenerative therapy is not right for you, we will always give you the best options.

How Stem Cell Therapy Works
This is a non-surgical procedure. Although some ailments require invasive measures of treatment, many have the ability to heal. Regenerative therapy provides an advanced boost to the already natural healing process our body provides. Most procedures take 30-60 minutes to perform in a single office visit. You would be able to leave within an hour after the procedure. Although you are able to go about normal activity, we suggest that you take it easy for the first week or two.

Contact our offices Laurel Foot & Ankle Center or Northern Virginia Foot & Ankle Associates  and schedule an appointment today.
To learn more about treating foot and ankle injuries using stem cell therapy, go to Heel Pain Institute of America and Laurel Foot & Ankle Center or Northern Virginia Foot & Ankle Associates.


Francis J. Smith, D.P.M., A.B.F.A.S.
Board certified in Foot Surgery and Michael A. Klein, D.P.M. A.B.F.A.S.
Board certified in Foot Surgery​

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