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What is AmnioFix and Why Should You Consider this Treatment?

AmnioFix contains 285 regulatory proteins, growth factors, specialized cytokines, and enzyme inhibitors, some of the most important needed for healing and is donated by healthy consenting mothers that have delivered a live birth by a scheduled Caesarean section. All donors are tested for infectious diseases, similar to the testing done for people that donate blood.

These growth factors are powerful agents that our bodies produce to signal cells to come to the target or damaged site on the body to help your own cells regenerate damaged tissue.

When should You Opt for AmnioFix?
Consider AmnioFix as an option if conservative treatments such as anti-inflammatories, physical therapy, and bracing have not provided relief for your feet, or if you are searching for a non-steroidal option or have reached the limit of steroid injections.

Contact our offices Laurel Foot & Ankle Center or Northern Virginia Foot & Ankle Associates  and schedule an appointment today.
To learn more about AmnioFix treatment, go to Heel Pain Institute of America and Laurel Foot & Ankle Center or Northern Virginia Foot & Ankle Associates.


Francis J. Smith, D.P.M., A.B.F.A.S.
Board certified in Foot Surgery and Michael A. Klein, D.P.M. A.B.F.A.S.
Board certified in Foot Surgery​

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